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Vocals / Harmonica

Singing and fronting several South Central Pa. rock and dance bands for over 34 years. Has shared stages with Gary U.S. Bonds, Mikey Jr., Slam Allen and the Bone Shakers. Bringing it all back home to the blues.

Jay McElroy

Guitar / Vocals

Daring guitar solos and unique rhythm stylings

Having played in the regional rock and blues scene for over 30 years,

Jay brings a deep appreciation of old school blues guitar to BOTL.

Tom Lowery

Keyboards & more . . .

More ability than a Transformer.  A veteren musician of 35+ years. Performs on multiple instruments including, but not limited to: Vocals, Organ, Piano, Accordion, Harmonica, Guitar, Trombone . . . .

a talented sideman. Also currently working as sideman on keys for touring Benny Turner, brother of Freddy King.

Tom is a charter member of the Lancaster Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2018 as part of the Speedboys from Lancaster.

Dave Secunda


"Drums are my game."  Dave has been gaming the drums for 35+ years. Rolling the dice with B.O.T.L.

Doug Porter

Bass Guitar

Dapper Pocketman, Educator, Marine.

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